Hi! My name is Joseph Chow (周兆庭). Welcome to my personal page that I’ve designed to showcase my skills and expertise that I’ve accumulated over the year. I’ve also placed a contact form below and all my social links on my header, feel free to connect with me. I’d love to be given the opportunity to hear from you.


I am a founder and the chief psychotherapist and lecturer of Hong Kong Institute of Psychology. I also a Lecturer of Upper Iowa University (HK Campus) in Hong Kong. I would like to see people living with psychologically healthy. Therefore, I have been spending time on teaching students in psychology-related subjects, providing various kinds of training to organizations and psychotherapist and counselling services to individuals and small groups.

My Contacts

Apart from emailing me by joseph@chowsiuting.com, you are also welcome to contact me at by WhatsApp or phone at +852 9717 9817.

My Skills

– Doctoral Degree Student in Clinical Psychology: Psychotherapy & Counselling (Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

– Master of Counselling (Monash University)

– Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Upper Iowa University)

– Trainer of Hypnotherapy – (NGH)

– Hypnotherapist-(ABH & NGH)

– NLP Practitioner (ABNLP)

– EMDR (Part 1) Trained (The EMDR Association of Hong Kong)

– National Marriage and Family Counsellor (Level 1)

– National Psychological Counsellor (Level 2)

– Certified Mediator (Society of Certified Mediators and Negotiators)